Malaga in winter: activities in December, January and February (2023)

Malaga in winter: activities in December, January and February (1)

Home to genius Pablo Picasso and Hollywood star Antonio Banderas, the eclectic city of Málaga attracts people from all over the world all year round. Is Malaga worth visiting in winter? Naturally! I've been to Malaga twice and both were in winter. The first time I was in Malaga for a week in February and the second time I came at the end of December for Christmas and New Years and spent the whole month until the end of January. This is how I experienced a winter in Malaga to the maximum. And it was a dream vacation!

It is believed that winter in Malaga is the low season. Yes, there are fewer tourists in winter than in summer, but that doesn't mean there's nothing to do in Malaga in winter. Also, in my experience, winter is a very pleasant time of year to explore the city and region of Andalucia. Read on to find out what to do in Malaga in winter.

Malaga in winter: activities in December, January and February (2)

Quick Travel Tips for Malaga:

🚗Cheap airport transfer:private transfer from Malaga airport to ANY place in Malaga AND the whole Costa del Sol region for 30 euros.This price is PER GROUP UP TO 6 PEOPLE.

💰The best affordable accommodation in Malaga:The Lights Hostel.It's an excellent hostel in the heart of Malaga, with a rooftop terrace, free sangria in the evening and fun events for guests. It offers classic dormitories as well as private rooms.

❤️️The best romantic hotel in Malaga:Hotel Brö-Adults Only.It is a stylish modern hotel offering great value for money. And yes it isAdults only hotel.

👨‍👩‍👦The best family hotel in Malaga:AluaSun Costa Park. This hotel is excellent for children. It has a large swimming pool with slides, a mini aqua park for children and a shallow pool for very small children. Your children can have fun on the hotel's playground and go to the mini disco every evening. The hotel also has a team of entertainers who will keep your children entertained while you relax.

👑The best UNIQUE hotel in Malaga:Soho-Boutique Castillo de Santa Catalina.In this hotel you should definitely stay if you have always dreamed of staying in a beautiful castle.

Why come to Malaga in winter?

Enjoy the wonderful weather and the sun

Compared to winter Warsaw, where I live, winter Málaga seemed like paradise and a perfect place fora winter city trip in Europe: everything bloomed in December, the sun shone every day, and instead of gray Polish pigeons, green Spanish parrots chirped.

Before buying plane tickets, I studied the weather forecast for Malaga in winter. They promised rain, but I stayed in Malaga for a whole month, it didn't rain.

So you can of course take your umbrella with you, but you might not need it. In fact, the rainy season in Malaga occurs in November, the month with the most annual rainfall. It can also rain in December, but we are talking about short rain showers rather than showers.

Due to Málaga's mountainous terrain, the cold north winds do not reach the city.

Malaga in winter: activities in December, January and February (3)

This is why the winter in Malaga is so warm: the average air temperature reaches 17ºC.

During the day the sun warms the air and the thermometer rises to 22-23 °C.

Beautiful weather and guaranteed sunshine, even in winter, are part of itReasons why I keep coming back to Spain.

It is cool at night in Malaga in winter: +3-8 °C. I would leave the house early in the morning in a puffy jacket, and by midday I would strip down to a T-shirt or bathing suit if I went to the beach.

Winter in Malaga is the season of tangerines and oranges

Malaga in winter: activities in December, January and February (4)
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All the main streets and squares in Málaga are lined with tangerine trees that look like they are being lit by orange lights.

December and January is the peak season for tangerines, tangerines, clementines and oranges in Malaga.

Therefore, seize the moment and eat the best tangerines: they have many health benefits, since they are rich in vitamins A, C, B1, K, boost immunity, remove toxins from the body and improve mood.

A kilogram of oranges costs 1 euro, and often you can even find promotions of 3 kilograms for 1 euro! Nowhere else have I seen such cheap oranges.

Because of the many tangerines I've eaten and the trees with ripe tangerines I've seen, my Malaga is "Tangerine Malaga".

Spend the whole day at Malaga beach

Yes, winter in Malaga is not the best time for swimming in the sea (although I've seen a few daredevils swim), but you can still spend the whole day at the beach.

We came to the beach almost every day to enjoy the soft and gentle sun and clean sea air. A warm and sunny winter is one of the main reasons why many people decide to leave their homeslive in Spain.

La Malagueta is the busiest beach in Malaga as it is considered the central beach of the city. The main part of the beach, located within the city limits, is well equipped: there are cafes, food stalls, changing rooms, toilets, showers, benches, playgrounds for children and a beach volleyball court.

Along the beach there is a beautiful promenade lined with palm trees, where locals like to go jogging, roller skating or just strolling.

Malaga in winter: activities in December, January and February (7)

In fact, Malagueta beach is the meeting place. This is where locals and travelers come to play sports, organize picnics and meetings, organize yoga classes, watch the sunset in the evenings and dine in waterfront restaurants.

I was inan apartmentCosta del Sol near Malagueta beach, and it was a great choice. This apartment was quite spacious, 70 square meters, with two bedrooms. To describe it briefly, it is bright, clean, cozy, modern and has everything a traveler needs. And it's right on the beach. It's perfect if you want to spend time on the beach and visit the sights of Malaga. Numerous restaurants, shops and supermarkets are just around the corner.

The bonus in the off-season is that I was able to rent a sea view apartment a lot cheaper than it would have cost in the summer. It was great value for money.Click here to view this apartment.

If you still want to swim in Malaga in winter, you can stay in a hotel with a swimming pool.

In fact, in Malaga there are not many hotels with indoor pools where you can swim at any time of the year. Most hotels only have outdoor pools in summer.

But for exampledie Ilunion Malagahas both an outdoor pool in summer and a heated indoor pool that also works in winter.

This hotel is a great option if you want to pamper your body: it has a gym and a spa with various pleasant treatments. Prices start at 74 euros per night.

Photos and reviews of Hotel Ilunion Málaga can be found here.

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Malaga in winter: activities in December, January and February (8)

Another great hotel with indoor pool in Malaga isdas Higueron Hotel Malaga.

This hotel is top notch and will no doubt satisfy even the pickiest of travellers. It has several swimming pools, including a huge indoor pool, an infinity pool, a spa area, saunas and a gym. All in all, it's the perfect place to recharge your batteries during a winter holiday.Click here to check price and read more reviews.

If the indoor pool isn't enough for you and you want to swim in the heated outdoor pool while enjoying the bright Spanish sun, go toDon Carlos Resort & Spa Marbella, Malaga hotel with heated pool.

It is a rare find that even in December, January and February in Malaga you can swim in a pool with a comfortable temperature of +28 degrees Celsius! Travelers with children will particularly like this hotel, as it also has a heated children's pool where children can splash around to their hearts' content.See photos, read reviews and check availability at Don Carlos Resort & Spa.

The festive magical atmosphere in the city and thousands of lights

In addition to visiting the beach, there are manyThings to do in Malaga. Finally, Malaga is quite a big city with a unique history and culture.

Christmas in Malaga is a fabulous time when the streets wake up from hibernation and are adorned with millions of lights.

Christmas night from December 24th to 25th in the province of Málaga is a quiet family holiday. The streets are dying: there are no people, no cars, and almost all shops and restaurants are closed.

But the whole month of December and early January is festive and colorful in Malaga.

The main action takes place on Calle Larios, a central pedestrian street full of shops, restaurants and cafes.

The street itself is beautiful and when the Christmas lights are on it just becomes magical.

Malaga in winter: activities in December, January and February (9)

The lights will be lit on November 24th and the illumination will last until January 6th.

Every day at 18:30 and 21:00 there is a music show with light on Larios street. Several Christmas carols are played, accompanied by dancing lights.

This lively light show attracts many spectators: Spaniards from neighboring towns come to Malaga to see the spruced up city and the show.

It's often impossible to get onto the street itself, so those who came later watch the show from Plaza de la Marina near the port or Plaza de la Constitución. We usually showed up 30 minutes before the show to make sure we got a seat.

Relax in the Hammam in Malaga

Malaga is a unique destination because it combines European, Catholic and Moorish traditions. The Muslim conquerors established the tradition of the Arab baths in Malaga, which has not been lost to this day and enriches the culture of Malaga.

Not far from the old medina in the center of Málaga you can find the ruins of an old Arab fountain.

Next to these ruins is the Hammam Al-Andalus, which transports you back to Arabic-era Andalusia.

Hammam in Malaga will teleport you to mysterious Marrakech.

Malaga in winter: activities in December, January and February (10)

Photos courtesy of Hammam Al Andalus Malaga

Malaga in winter: activities in December, January and February (11)
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Everything about this spa is great: atmosphere, architecture and quality of services. Here you will find a luxurious spa, thermal baths with a rich Arabic design and a steam room.

Sip a mint tea before heading to the Aroma Corner for a scrub or purifying scrub massage, ora special ritual with a traditional Kessa massage.

The best time to go to the hammam in Malaga is in winter, when outside temperatures drop.

Take a few hours to rest and relax between the many attractions of your cultural program in Malaga.

Tickle your nerves and enjoy the mesmerizing scenery of El Caminito del Rey

Winter in Malaga is a great time to explore the region. If you want to tickle your nerves, test your willpower and get rid of your fears, I recommend you visit El Caminito del Rey.

This Royal Path of Spain is known as one of the most mystical places in Andalucia and the top extreme attraction in the world. By the way, thousands of travelers come to Malaga just to get to this unique place (and not to the beaches of Malaga)!

This experience is not for the faint of heart. There is indeed something to fear: the path is a narrow path made of wooden planks; They are attached to poles and rails nailed to a rocky base. This structure overlooks the impressive and deep El Chorro Gorge (La Garganta del Chorro).

Malaga in winter: activities in December, January and February (12)

The El Caminito del Rey Trail was not originally built as an extreme attraction for adventurous hikers. The need to transport material for the construction of two power plants and a dam arose.

Until recently, El Caminito del Rey was considered the most dangerous hiking trail in the world. His condition worsened from year to year. But in 2001, after five tourists died there within two years, the Spanish authorities decided to close the royal road to visitors.

But despite the ban, the site continued to attract nerve-wracking hikers. It ended badly for many of them. The authorities decided to reconstruct the path. In 2015 the Caminito del Rey was reopened to visitors.

Lots of adventure seekers head here, but only 400 visitors are allowed on the trail at a time. The places are often booked several days and even a week in advance. So I highly recommendBook a tour to El Caminito del Rey in advance online.

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Immerse yourself in art and culture at the Center Pompidou

Winter in Malaga is also a great time to visit museums. If you love 20th and 21st century art, visit the Pompidou Museum. Opened in March 2015, it is the first branch of the Paris center outside of France. The center is located in the original Cube de Malaga building in Muelle Uno, a commercial area in Porto Malaga.

At the Center Pompidou in Málaga you can see works from the impressive collection of the Center Pompidou in Paris. Discover the masterpieces of artists such as Frida Kahlo, Magritte, Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall, Francis Bacon, Frank Stella and Giacometti.

Malaga in winter: activities in December, January and February (13)

In addition to the permanent exhibition, the center also offers temporary exhibitions on various areas of art - photography, design, architecture and video. I was very fascinated by this museum in Malaga, although I have visited the Pompidou Museum in Paris many times. It is an excellent museum by world standards.

The collection is impressive. It is a fantastic place for anyone who wants to learn more about art and enjoy beauty.

If you are traveling to Malaga with children, they will also love this museum - it has interactive exhibitions for children. And fans of stylish and unique items will appreciate a beautiful designer shop in the museum.

Click here to pre-book your ticket to the Art World.

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