Golden Pass Express Line – Montreux to Interlaken (2023)

Experiencing Switzerland by train is not only one of the most environmentally friendly ways to travel the country, but also one of the most beautiful and relaxing.

And one of the most beautiful train journeys in Switzerland is thisGoldenPass Express Line from Montreux to Interlakenor the other way around.

Two operators, BLS and MOB, make this scenic, non-stop train journey possible on the entire GoldenPass Express line.

You simply take a seat on the train in Montreux and relax for a good three hours as this panoramic train travels through the beautiful countryside via Zweisimmen toInterlaken.

This new train connects the Lake Geneva Region via theVaud Alpswith theBernese Oberland.A long-awaited connection is finally available and cannot be overlooked.

Below you can find out everything about this "new" train line in Switzerland, including when the GoldenPass Express runs, which ticket to book and whether the Belle Epoque carriages of the GoldenPass Express run or not.

This beautiful train experience is not to be confused with theLucerne to Interlaken GoldenPass LineTravel.

Table of contents

  • 1 The Panoramic Train Ride on the GoldenPass Express Line
  • 2 Plan your trip with the GoldenPass Express
  • 3 lane changes on the GoldenPass Express train
  • 4 The final leg on the GoldenPass Express train route
  • 5 What to Expect on the GoldenPass Express Train
  • 6 classes available on the GoldenPass Express line
  • 7 The carriage of the Belle Epoque
  • 8 Catering-Service
    • 8.1 Conclusion
  • 9 Good to know if you're traveling on the GoldenPass Express Train
    • 9.1 Train Timetable
    • 9.2 Prestige class of travel
    • 9.3 Reservations and Subscriptions
    • 9.4 Stops Along the GoldenPass Express Train
  • 10 activities around Montreux
  • 11 Sights in Interlaken
Golden Pass Express Line – Montreux to Interlaken (1)

The Panoramic Train Ride on the GoldenPass Express Line

Montreux – to Interlaken
Once you're comfortably settled, hopefully in the "Prestige" seats, the journey can begin.

After leavingMontreux-Riviera,The train initially gains altitude and makes its way around the many serpentines towards the high plateau of theupland.

Everything is just perfect and will put you in a relaxed mood to enjoy this train journey in front of you.

Through the beautiful Swiss villages ofChâteau-d’Oex,Rougemont, Saanen and the famous Gstaad, there is much to discover through the panoramic train windows.

Watch out forRougemont Castleand the iconicGstaad Castle.

(Video) So Spectacular ! Watch The FIRST DAY of the NEW GoldenPass Express from Interlaken to Montreux!

Traveling through theSaane-Talwill make you feel like you're in a storybook and you'll wonder a few times if this beauty is real.

Plan your trip with the GoldenPass Express

You can always make this a full weekend and combine some activities before or after your trip. Below are just some ideas that would fit perfectly.

Accommodation in Montreux

Hotels in Interlaken

Changing lanes on the GoldenPass Express train

Previously you had to change trains in Zweisimmen on this train journey from Montreux to Interlaken.

The reason was the two different mechanisms of the rails. From Montreux, the line was built with meter gauge because it overcomes the difference in altitude and the rough terrain more easily than with standard gauge.

But with the new collaboration betweenBLSAndMOBpassengers can now remain seated in Zweisimmen and the entire technical route change is completed in less than 10 minutes.

Except for a slight lift, you won't even notice the lane change.

The train changes its locomotive from the MOB to the BLS and the journey continues.

While the train changes from the meter gauge to the standard gauge, it is worth taking a look at the pretty station building of Zweisimmen with its clock tower.

Golden Pass Express Line – Montreux to Interlaken (2)

The last leg on the GoldenPass Express train line

Since this is such a beautiful train ride, the time flies insanely fast.

From Zweisimmen you cross the Simmental in the next 1.5 hours, which is one of the most picturesque railway routes in Switzerland.

Curve after curve, the GoldenPass Express train continues, gently descending.

Get ready for the last leg of this most beautiful Swiss train journey towards Interlaken along the famous Lake Thun. Starting with the Swiss village Spiez with its fairytale castle to Interlaken Ost.

What to Expect on the GoldenPass Express Train

This is probably the most comfortable train journey you will ever take. Your new travel class"Prestige"Worth booking as it beats even 1stClass.

(Video) Golden Pass Line from Interlaken via Spiez & Zweisimmen to Montreux (part 2 of the Golden Pass Line)

Take a seat in the adjustable and heated comfort seats. The floor area is 40 cm higher than in a normal railway carriage so that you don't miss a view and always feel comfortable.

Incredibly generous legroom and storage allow you to have the most relaxed journey ever.

If you need to charge your phone or computer, there are plenty of charging outlets.

Since this train journey is not just a regular journey that gets you from A to B, but is more of an experience in itself, we believe that you should make the most of it. Experience the total package andBook the Prestige class of travel.

Golden Pass Express Line – Montreux to Interlaken (3)

Classes available on the GoldenPass Express line

1stand 2ndClass.As on all Swiss trains, you can buy a 1stor a 2ndClass train ticket. The classes differ in terms of seating quality, legroom and ambience.

On first-class trains, your seat is usually larger and, on some trains, even detached. Since these carriages aren't usually full of traveling passengers, it's a much quieter atmosphere.

Panoramic windows are available in both classes and the bistro is accessible from both classes.

Seat reservations are possible and recommended for a surcharge of CHF 20 per seat

prestige class. This is the new VIP class. Large, heated seats that rotate. Adjustable footrests and an incredible amount of space on all sides. This is for sure the ultimate way to travel by train.

The catering service is slightly different in the Prestige class, offering a basket of caviar and champagne.

In the Prestige class, the panoramic windows reach from the floor to the ceiling, which once again enables a unique travel experience.

As there are only 18 heated luxury seats in the Prestige class,Reservations are mandatory and cost CHF 35 per seat.

In all classes, the views and picturesque Swiss landscapes are the same.

Golden Pass Express Line – Montreux to Interlaken (4)

The car of the Belle Epoque

The Belle Époque carriage is once again a unique experience that combines comfort, elegance and romance.

Fancy a trip on the Orient Express, but in Switzerland. This special train car isonly available between Montreux and Zweisimmen.Due to the logistical issues in these wagons, catering options are only available for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays or groups of more than 10 people.

(Video) Wereldpremièr! GoldenPass Express Montreux - Interlaken


If you haveselected to reserve and buyWith the catering service on board you will receive the following.

food and drinks

At the moment the catering service offers the following.

  • Breakfast basket CHF 12, with croissants, jam, butter, orange juice and a hot drink.
  • Aperitif plate Chf 27.-, a selection of regional cheese and meat specialties or the vegetarian aperitif plate, plus a glass of wine from theLaveaux grapes, beer or mineral water.

Exclusively for 1st class and “Prestige” seats,

  • The luxury treat, CHF 89.-, 20g Oona caviar from Frutigen, blinis, sour cream and a glass of Duval Leroy Brut champagne.

If you would like to take advantage of this offer, prior reservation is required to guarantee this service.

NOTE: Meals are extra and NOT included in the train ticket.

If you only feel a little hungry or hungry during your train journey, the on-board catering also offers snacks and various soft drinks for sale.

Golden Pass Express Line – Montreux to Interlaken (7)


As mentioned above, this is not just a travel option. A ride on the GoldenPass Express is an activity and a fun experience.

Traveling in the "Prestige" class is particularly comfortable. So enjoy the view through the large panoramic windows and the on-board service to the fullest! You can always add that if you wantInterlaken East to Lucerne GoldenPass Lineto your trip.

Good to know if you're traveling on the GoldenPass Express Train

train schedule

From now on you can travel in both directions Montreux – Interlaken or vice versa once a day from Montreux at 9.35 a.m. (From Interlaken Ost departure at 9.08 a.m.)

But from June 2023, the service is to be expanded and run four times a day in each direction.

The whole trip from Montreux via Gstaad to Interlaken or vice versa takes 3 hours and 15 minutes.

(Video) GOLDEN PASS LINE: Swiss Train Adventures From Lucerne to Montreux + Taking the Belle Epoque Train

Prestige travel class

Reservations are required to travel in Prestige Class.

If you are wondering how much a Prestige ticket costs on the GoldenPass Express, the answer is Chf 35.- BUT you must also have a 1stClass train ticket that costs CHF 93.- each way.

A 2nd class ticket costs CHF 52 plus CHF 20 if you reserve a seat.

All GoldenPass Express train line prices and categories can be found on their website at:GoldenPass Express-Tarife

Reservations and subscriptions

Regardless of which category you are traveling in, a reservation is recommended. This is possible up to two months before departure.Reservations on the GoldenPass Express website

if you have oneGA gilton the route, but the reservation costs CHF 20.-.Holders of a half-fare cardalso receive a discount on the ticket price.

Stops on the GoldenPass Express train

You don't have to make the entire journey from Montreux to Interlaken. The train stops at several stations and passengers can board the GoldenPass Express Train.

When ordering your online ticket, you can enter the station of your choice.

Activities around Montreux

Things to do in Interlaken

  • Day trips from Interlaken
  • Things to do in Lauterbrunnen
  • Day trip to the Jungfraujoch
  • How to best visit Grindelwald-First Cliff Walk
  • Bachalpsee – Hike to the Swiss alpine lake in Grindelwald First
  • Visit the Blausee - Everything you need to know for a perfect visit
  • A day on the Hasliberg – marble run and scooter bike
  • Oeschinensee hike with kids

I hope that the information provided here will prove useful if you are planning to travel from Montreux to Interlaken on the GoldenPass Express Train.

If I've left anything out or you have a question, please ask your questions in the comments below. So that other readers can join the discussion and benefit from your questions.

Thank you & never forget to travel

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Golden Pass Express Line – Montreux to Interlaken (8)

Golden Pass Express Line – Montreux to Interlaken (9)

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