7 benefits of a top-entry litter box. (2023)

Will cats use a top-entry litter box? The idea of ​​sliding down a fire post to get to the litter box may not excite most of us humans, but many cats actually prefer a top-entry litter box. your people too. A top opening often turns out to be alitter box isbest feature. Let's take a look at seven reasons why aLitter box with top entrycan help keep your cat happy and your house clean.
7 benefits of a top-entry litter box.

1. It prevents waste tracking.

Litter tracking is one of the most common complaints from cat parents. Tiny litter granules often get stuck to tufts of fur and small paws, meaning your kitty is likely to leave litter all over the floor after every trip to the bathroom. You may find stray pebbles in your shoes, on your bed, or even between your couch cushions. Ever had to brush kitty litter off your bare feet before putting socks on?

No amount of care with a dustpan and broom can ever really sweep away the litter a cat may carry through your open house. While some specific litter types, including heavier litters such asnewspaper pellets, possibly not easy to track, cats will almost certainly come out of the box with some litter on it. However, a top-entry box can almost eliminate chasing waste by keeping all small wins under the lid. In addition, the lid of the top-entry modkat serves as a step mat and catches any stray cores.

2. It helps lock unpleasant odors inside the box.

A covered box keeps odors where they belong - in the box - and not wafting freely through your home. Top entry boxes are not fully covered as the entry allows some airflow through the facility. Still, they do an excellent job of curbing odors. Even better, you can pour extra litter into a covered box without worrying about your cat throwing it out. Deeper litter means more room to bury the smelly stuff.

You can also help keep your litter box odor-free by mixing baking soda with your litter. This all-natural cleaning product is 100% safe for cats and helps neutralize odors. Just avoid the scented sodas as they can mess up cats' sensitive olfactory glands. If you'd like, you can try one of our Modkat Charcoal Odor Eliminators.

Whatever you choose, make sure you don't use scented litter or plug in an air freshener near the box, as these products can anger cats and discourage them from doing business in the right place. Check out the Purrr blog for more tipsKeep your litter box smelling fresh.

3. It looks more beautiful than an open-top box.

Your cat wants a functional litter box that is safe, clean, and easy to use. As a human, you probably want that too, but you're also hoping for a stylish litter box that's a great addition to your decor.

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Modkatstarted when Rich, one of our co-founders, wanted a new litter box. He had two cats named Mika and Sashi, and they needed a new litter box that would work great and complement the look of his Brooklyn apartment. Rich searched thoroughly but came back empty-handed. Dejectedly, he complained to his wife until she said, "You're a designer. Why don't you just design one?”

The very next day, Rich presented the idea to Brett, his then partner in a design shop. And so Modkat was born. You can listen to Rich and our other co-founder, Brett, as they tell the full Modkat storyin this podcast.

Most litter boxes offer either functionality or style, but at Modkat we have combined both in one stylish litter box.

4. It is easy to move when needed.

However, it's usually not a good idea to move a litter box unless you have to. You may have to carry it to a guest room where the cat is chilling out during a party, but in normal everyday life try to leave the box where it is. Assay the experts at PetMD, "Don't surprise your cat by suddenly moving the litter box. If you do need to move the litter box, make sure you move it a few inches each day until the litter box reaches its new destination.”

5. It keeps the dog away.

Dogs like to eat cat poop. Sure, it stinks to us, but to a dog, those foul-smelling gobs smell like yummy cat food. There is actually a scientific name for fecal consumption.It iscoprophagia. Sometimes coprophagia comes from a vitamin deficiency. However, often it is just an instinctive behavior in a scavenger like a dog. Over time, eating feces can develop into an unpleasant habit that annoys the cat and causes you to avoid your dog's kisses.

In addition, dogs can contract bacterial infections or intestinal worms themselves from eating cat feces, and ingesting too much litter can cause severe constipation in your pet. So you want to stop your dog from eating cat poop as soon as possible.

You could try dog-proofing the litter box with a baby gate, doorstop, or latch. However, these solutions often prove more problematic for the people in the house than for the dog. A top-entry litter box can help. Lidded litter boxes are a great option for pet lovers who want to shut down their dog's illegal snack bar forever.

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6. It keeps the junk in.

Some cats rummage through trash as if searching for buried treasure. These animals tend to fling the scatter crystals everywhere, sometimes even sending clumps of urine-soaked crystals out of the box and across the room.

A covered box helps keep trash where it belongs. It's also one of the great features of a tall litter box, where the tall sides prevent both urine and litter from sailing over the walls. Containing litter is one of the reasons a top-entry litter box is often better than a front-entry box, which provides cats with an open door for cats to step through.

7. Cats like top access litter boxes.

When it comes to litter boxes, not all cats have the same preferences. Kittens and older cats can appreciate a front entry litter box that they can easily step into. Cats with big personalities can enjoy proudly conducting their business outdoors. We created it for youModkat litter box, which offers high sides for high-peers as well as an open top.

But many cats prefer a top-entry box. It's easy and fun to access and provides a convenient hiding spot for cats to eliminate.

bottom line? Most cats are not very picky about the style box you buy for them. As long as the facility is clean, easy to get to, and in a quiet place, your cat is likely to use it. The bigger question is which box fits your lifestyle? If you live in a small house or apartment, a closed box offers many great benefits in terms of cleanliness, style, and odor control.

How do you get a cat used to a top entry litter box?

Most cat sitters don't need to worry about moving their pets into a top entry litter box. When presented with a new type of box, a cat's legendary curiosity takes over andThe animal finds out very quickly what to do. Follow these steps to set up a top-entry box, and you should get successful litter use from your feline friend:

  • Place the top entry litter box in the same spot where you kept your old litter box.
  • Fill it with 3-4 inches of fresh litter. Scoop in some trash from her old box.
  • When the familiar smell of their old box reaches them, your cats should know what to do next.
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If your cat is having trouble adjusting to the new box, try these tips to successfully teach her to use a top entry option:

  • Gently place your cat on the box to get used to it. Your pet may jump into the litter box, out of the crate, or back into your arms. It's okay. Try again in a while if they don't take it right away.
  • Remove the lid from the new top entry litter box and place it next to the old one.
  • Wait three days and then put the lid back on.
  • Finally, remove the old litter box.

Are top entry litter boxes suitable for large cats, older cats or kittens?

Despite the benefits of a top-entry litter box, some animals just won't use them or seem to find them difficult or annoying.

big cats

Big cats can use any litter boxwhich takes into account their height and weight. In general, a kitten that weighs 12 pounds or more is considered a large cat. Some breeds are known for their plus size, including the Maine Coon, British Shorthair, and Ragdoll.

If you're caring for one of these animals, you'll want to make sure the litter box you choose is big enough for your pet to roll over in and has sides big enough to accommodate splashes from pees. In this case, top-entry, front-entry, or topless will depend more on your cat's preferences than their size.

older cats

As cats get older, their joints become stiffer and their muscles weaker. In general, cats show the first signs of aging when they are between seven and ten years old. An 11-year-old cat is considered a senior cat, and cats 15 and older are referred to as "super seniors." If you're caring for one of these animals, you might want to consider a front-entry bedding solution, especially if your furry friend has arthritis.


Like older cats, kittens may not be able to jump into a top-entry box. When cats are first born, they are extremely vulnerable to predators. Their eyes do not open for a week to 10 days after birth. They usually don't walk until they are three weeks old, and it takes another 1-2 weeks before they can even jump. In another week or so, they'll have become more playful.

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By eight weeks of age, a kitten will weigh 1 to 2 pounds and will either trust people or start acting like a feral cat. It may take a kitten 4-6 months or even longer to use a top entry box, depending on size and strength.

Best litter boxes with top entry.

The best litter box is the one your cat uses.Modkat offers a full range of litter box optionsthat meet every animal taste in the bathroom. Check out their top entry-level solutions below:

The Modkat

Theaward-winning Modkat litter boxis an all-in-one solution that helps eliminate waste tracking. This top-entry model is a beauty that won't scream "litter box" in your home. Measuring 16" x 16" x 15", the Modkat is the perfect top entry solution for cats up to 12 lbs.

7 benefits of a top-entry litter box. (2)

Against Cat XL

TheAgainst Cat XLis purring for larger cats and multi-cat households. Plus, you can configure it as a top or front-entry solution, making it the most versatile litter box on the market. Although suitable for all cat sizes, the Modkat XL's roomy 21" x 17" design makes it particularly attractive for large cats.

Shop the Modkat litter boxes and accessoriesRefresh your cat litter area today!

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What is the benefit of a top entry litter box? ›

If your cat tends to track litter around your home, a top-entry litter box might be the solution. Top-entry litter boxes can prevent an overabundance of litter transfer from the box to the floor. Top-entry litter boxes have high walls, which help prevent litter spatter when your cat digs around inside of their box.

Are top entry litter boxes worth it? ›

The litter boxes with the entrance through the top can be a great ally for cats that are very fearful or seek the maximum possible privacy during this intimate moment. Being a closed litter box, it is quite discreet for the cat and it is also beneficial for its family because of its cleanliness.

What age can cat use top entry litter box? ›

I was super excited when I found out that Iris came out with this Medium Top Entry Litter Box, which is perfect for kittens starting around 7 to 8 weeks. At this age, the kittens can easily jump in and out of it.

Can a kitten use a top entry litter box? ›

Kittens require an open-top, shallow litter box that is easy for them to access and locate. Eliminate obstacles such as tall or covered boxes and provide something that is easy for them to walk in and out of until they're big enough for an adult litter box.

What are the benefits of cat litter box? ›

A well-kept litter box not only helps a cat stay mentally and physically healthy, but it also allows our feline companions to remain interested in using it for doing their “business”. Otherwise, they could opt for a cleaner area of the house which may or may not contain a litter box.


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