123Movies: Is it safe to use in 2023? What are the alternatives? (2023)

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Is 123Movies safe? A short summary

123Movies used to be a popular streaming platform for movies and TV shows. It was shut down in March 2018, and many mirror websites have popped up since then. It is important to note the following about 123Movies and its clone sites:

  • Watching streams on 123Movies mirrors isprobably not allowedin their country.
  • Many countries do not actively follow 123Movies streamers, but rather dothe distributors of content.
  • Some popularlegal alternatives123Movies are paid services such asNetflix, Disney Plus and Amazon Prime.

If your jurisdiction allows the (personal) use of 123Movies, you should still be careful if you decide to use it.We recommend using a good VPNHowSurfsharkto protect your identity during use. We also recommend using itsolid antivirus software, HowNorton 360to protect against malware.



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Want to know more about 123Movies and popular legal streaming alternatives? Read the full article below.

123films used to beone of the most popular sites for streaming moviesonline and watch full TV shows. It has known many names including "GoMovies", "GoStream", "MeMovies" and "123movieshub". The official 123Movies website wasDismantled March 2018, but copies of the site are accessible via so-called mirror sites or clone sites.

Law enforcement agencies from around the world have kept a close eye on websites or services that allow users to view copyrighted content without paying for it. This might ask you:Are you allowed to stream movies and shows from 123Movies?? What do people do to protect themselves when using 123Movies? And what decent alternatives are there? We will answer all of these questions and more in this 123Movies review article.

Is it illegal to use 123Movies?

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The use of 123Movies isillegal in most cases. Every country and region has its own stance on piracy of copyrighted content, but most seek to protect intellectual property by banning the downloading (and therefore streaming) of contentcopyrighted content. However, some countries allow it for personal use.

Since every country has different rules regarding copyright infringement and piracy, you should always do thisCheck your country's regulationsbefore visiting a site like 123Movies,popcorn time, PrimeWire orPutlocker.

These are some of the general attitudes towards piracy in different countries:

attitude towards piracyCountries
piracy islegal or permitted(for personal use)Poland, Spain, Switzerland
piracy isillegalAustralia, China, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Portugal, Russia, South Africa, United States
Piracy is illegal, but individuals arenot actively pursuedArgentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Greece, India, Israel, Iran, Mexico, Netherlands, Philippines, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Uruguay

It is important to note that there is almostno difference between downloading copyrighted content and streaming it. With streaming, you download media and watch it in real-time, only to have it cleared from your cache when you leave the page. In that sense, streaming is the same asDownload a torrent, view them immediately and delete them when you're done.

What are the legal consequences of using 123Movies?

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Not only do local laws differ when it comes to streaming, but they do tooCountries also have different consequences if you get caught streamingillegal content. For example, in Germany you can get a hefty fine if authorities find out you're downloading copyrighted content, while in other countries you might just get a warning.

Streaming services like 123Movies make it harder to prosecute users because they existno files are left on someone else's computerafter watching a stream. Despite this, you can easily be trackedyour IP addresswhen watching movies.

Not all countries enforce the rules by actively prosecuting people using illegal streaming services. Often,Authorities pursue the people who distribute the content, and not the individual viewers. However, if you're in a country that cracks down on copyright infringement, you might get a hefty fine in the mail. To learn more about it, read our article onFines for downloading.

How to Watch 123 Movies Safely

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Because the use of 123Movies isnot allowed in many countries, we cannot condone it there. However, there are also countries where you are allowed to use such streaming websites for personal use.

In the countries where it's allowed, you have to do itProtect yourself from prying eyes, viruses and malicious website hostswhile using a 123Movies mirror. It is advisable to use antivirus software and a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to protect your data and device and watch movies safely.

1. Use a VPN to stream

Apopular and very affordable VPNIsSurfshark. Reliable VPN services like Surfshark will do the trickhide all your internet and streaming activitiesfrom your ISP and government agencies. It allows unlimited simultaneous connections so you and your whole family can remain anonymous online while streaming a 123Movies mirror.

However, remember that downloading and viewing copyrighted content is only legal in a small number of countries. AlthoughA VPN makes you anonymous onlineand to avoid getting caught using streaming services like 123Movies is still recommendedact in accordance with local laws. If you're not sure which rules apply, consult a local expert.


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2. Use antivirus software for protection

Apart from a VPN, you will need an antivirus app to do thisProtect yourself against all types of malware. Streaming sites like 123Movies are usually littered with dangerous ads, annoying pop-ups and malicious links. Before you know it, your device could be infected withAdware, a computer virus or even something terriblelike ransomware.

We tested different antivirus solutions andNorton 360came out above. It offers robust security features with a high level of protection, so you can stream without worrying about computer worms or spyware.

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Is 123Movies safe to use?

We've already talked briefly about whether it's legal to watch content on a site like 123Movies. However, we did not address thispossible security risksin using any such website, apart from the fines you may receive.

The question "is 123Movies safe?" doesn't come with a simple yes or no answer. Since the original 123Movies no longer exists, there is no domain to consider. Instead, there are multiple copies with no quality control. Whether these mirrors are safe or not depends on many things, but mostly onthe person hosting the website.

Watch out for mirrors

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The only way to access 123movies content isthrough copies of the website, also known as mirror or copycat pages. These are hosted and controlled by a third party who may or may not have been involved with the original 123Movies website.

With all these copies that could disappear after a short time, they existno real responsibilitymore. It's not that easy to look up a 123Movies review and verify its safety. Any mirror site owner could do thisinject their platform with malicious code or track your data. Additionally, platforms might be filled with annoying ads and pop-ups.

That is why the sad reality is like thisSome of the mirrors are safe and some are not. The only way to ensure you stay safe is to protect yourself with a VPN service andantivirus software. Otherwise, we would not recommend using 123Movies.

Access to 123Movies

Using 123Movies isn't legal everywhere, but in regions where it's legal, people must do itTake the necessary steps to stay safe. Here's how they do it:

  1. You use aVPN service(For exampleSurfshark) and a good antivirus software (egNorton 360).
  2. They make sure theyaccess to a real one123Movies-Spiegel.

When looking for a good mirror, these people could google the term "123Movies Mirror". However,Google doesn't always show these mirrorsin search results, so users may need to visit a website that shows a list of 123Movies mirrors.

Disclaimer: We do not condone illegal use of sites like 123Movies. We encourage you to check whether accessing 123Movies is legal in your country and act accordingly.If it's illegal, don't use it.

Legal 123Movies alternatives

Unfortunately, it's difficult to find free streaming websites that are legal. When dealing with copyrighted content, the easiest (legal) way to gain access is through passageWebsites or streaming services based on subscriptions.

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These websites or services cost relatively little money and give you access to alarge database of (popular) movies and shows. While they don't always offer the latest movies and shows like illegal streaming sites often do, they do have pretty impressive collections. We have listed some popular legal alternatives to 123Movies below.

Streaming Serviceparticularities
NetflixNetflix is ​​likelythe most popular streaming site with a wide range of movies and shows. For this reason, Netflix is ​​the way to go for many. In addition, you can if you use a VPNExpand your Netflix catalogand watch more movies.
Amazon Prime-VideoAmazon Prime isn't all that different from Netflix. It hasa smaller database of movies and shows, but maybe you just have the show you want to watch. It's also a lotcheaperlike Netflix.
DisneyPlusDisneyPlustotally focused on thatalles Disney, Marvel and much more. Not only is it a great platform for fairy tale fans, but it also offers all sorts of other content. Some popular titles on Disney Plus areThere Mandalorians,Joy, AndThor: Love and Thunder.
HBO MaxHBO Maxis a relatively new service that will surely expand its library in the future. It may not have the same number of movies and shows as Netflix (yet), but it does have some very high-quality shows likeband of brothers,The Sopranos, AndGame of Thrones.
HalloHulu is great forLive-Sport. It's slightly cheaper than Netflix but has fewer movies. We recommend checking out Hulu if you're looking for a streaming service that also offers a wide range of live sports. Hulu is not available in some countries, in which case you can access Hulu content either through the Disney Plus "Star" or through aVPN to access Hulu.
YouTube-TVYouTube TV is quite expensive, but that's because it works a bit differently than other streaming services. Instead of having shows and movies, it gives youAccess to various TV networks. With just one subscription, you can access networks likeFuchs,ESPN,ABC, AndCBS.
Sling-TVSling TV is most similar to YouTube TV. The difference is that Sling TV lets you do itCombine your own networks and channelsinstead of giving them all at a fixed price.

Geographic Streaming Restrictions

know thatNot all of the above legal alternatives work everywhere in the world. Some streaming services, like Hulu, focus solely on the United States, while others, like HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video, are only available in certain countries or have different libraries. If you want to access these geo-restricted services from another country, you need oneQuality VPNto change your virtual location.

Conclusion: The legacy of 123Movies

123Movies was a popular illegal site that acted as a streaming service. It enabled you to watch your favorite movies and TV shows online for free. Although the official site is no longer online, many are still wondering "Is 123Movies safe?" because there aremany similar websites where you can stream content.

The clone sites of 123Movies areare considered illegal sitesin some parts of the world as they redistribute copyrighted material without permission. If you live in a country where it's legal to watch 123Movies, you should always do sohave good anti-malware protection and use a VPNlike Surfshark to hide your actual IP address when visiting such sites.

If watching 123Movies is illegal where you live, there are somegood legal alternativesout there. Some even have a free version. To learn more about these alternatives and how to bypass geo-restrictions to watch them worldwide, check them outour streaming page.

Disclaimer: The above article aims to educate you about streaming services. We would like to emphasize that we are not lawyers andThis article does not contain legal advice. Every country has its own laws that are constantly changing. If you have questions about the rules and regulations in your country, please contact a local expert.

How to Watch 123 Movies Safely: Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about 123Movies? Check out our FAQ section to see if we have the answer. If you don't find what you are looking for, please feel free to leave us a comment.

Is 123Movies legal to use?

Probably not. Downloading and streaming copyrighted content is illegal in most countries. However, this does not apply to every country. Due to different laws and regulations, you should always familiarize yourself with the rules in your country before using 123Movies. We also encourage you to read our entire article123films and their legality and alternatives.

What are the consequences of using 123Movies?

This all depends on the country you are in when using 123Movies. It's illegal in some countries and not in others. Even if you are in a place where it is illegal, individual downloaders may not face any consequences. As a result, the consequences range from absolutely nothing toFines of hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Is 123Movies safe?

The original 123Movies no longer exists, but its mirror pages can pose all sorts of dangers. These copies belong to people who could possibly inject malware into the website or show you malicious ads.

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What are popular (legal) 123Movies alternatives?

Some popular (legal) alternatives to 123Movies are:

  • Netflix
  • Hallo
  • DisneyPlus
  • YouTube-TV
  • Sling-TV
  • HBO Max

Keep in mind that most of these services require a paid subscription to access, and not all of them may work in your country.

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